• What's your STORY?
  • Kranz & Ziegler Copenhagen
  • Danish design


In 2009 Kranz & Ziegler started the splendid adventure of a unique and personal jewellery collection. The thought behind it, was to create a piece of jewellery that let every person tell their own personal and STORY. The centre of the STORY was to be detachable elements, that represented special occasions and life milestones to the bearer. The jewellery collection was to be known as STORY.
What started out with one black bracelet and 20 different elements is now a continous STORY of bracelets in all kinds of luxurious materials and colours complemented by more than 800 different elements, watches and jewellery. Besides narrating your personal history, STORY has now become a fashion statement, that goes with just about any look you can imagine. The countless design possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

Well, that's the thing about a STORY like this....it never ends! As your life goes on, new events, situations and experiences keep happening, and STORY has the elements to mark them. Whether you wish to mark a life changing experience, a personal loss of a dear one, or the birth of a child, STORY lets you wear it close to you at all times. Or maybe you just want a fashionable piece of jewellery, that lets you renew the elements every season, for a continuous up-to-date look.